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Nitrogen dioxide
NO2 (µg/m3)
O3 (µg/m3)
Acetic acid
CH3COOH (µg/m3)
Formic acid
HCOOH (µg/m3)
Ultraviolet light
UV (mW/m2)

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 =  Low risk, indicates that within the constraints of present knowledge it is unlikely that the materials will change significantly within a period of perhaps 30 years.
 =  Medium risk, indicates a situation in between.
 =  High risk, indicates that damage is likely to occur to objects within three years and that damage will require interventive conservation.

NO2: | O3: | CH3COOH: | HCOOH: | °C: | UV: EWO: GSD: | In an enclosure

GSD (Indoor acids)

EWO (Photo,-oxidation - "Combustion/Traffic pollutants")

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